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When you join the Business Chamber of Commerce Educational Program (included), you'll receive ongoing consultation on how to use the Chamber to help your business grow and save on operating expenses.

This may include third-party providers and other experts in their respective fields. You'll also have a first-mover advantage on everything pertaining to the "Chamber" and the "League," including the products and services with all of its benefits and privileges.

Update1. The Chamber is now working with the League of Remarkable People (see website), for an incredible licensing program.

Update2. People and organizations can now give away unlimited $1k Business Stimulus Packages.

Update3. 2 Billion in URO will be added to our asset management block in the second quarter.
The Chamber's History
In 1999, we started as the Blue Diamond Business Chamber Of Commerce, located in Blue Diamond, Nevada. Once we discovered that the benefits and services of the Chamber could be used on a National basis, we shortened the name to the Business Chamber Of Commerce. In 2016 we became totally cloud-based "disruptive" and "decentralized," thereby making the Chamber experience more simple, efficient, and no red-tape.
Chairman - Leslie Robert Wolfe
League Of Remarkable People
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We Are a Non-Partisan Organization.
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