Giveaway Unlimited AAA+ Ratings To Any Business. We, Will, Become The Ultimate Rolodex And, This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!
What's Included In The Chamber "Educational Program?"
When you join our "Educational Program," you'll receive ongoing consultation on how to use the Chamber to help your business grow and save on operating expenses. This may include third-party providers and other experts in their respective fields.
You'll also have first-mover advantage on everything pertaining to the "Chamber" and the "League," including the products and services below with all of its benefits and privileges.
The Ultimate Mask ... Imagine a new FACE MASK that actually stops the COVID virus. (All other masks don't). It's also a "breathable" mask; so you don't keep breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide (Other masks don't do this). AND, it's machine washable, FDA Registered, and Patented. This will sell millions worldwide. Want in on the ground floor? It's all part of our educational program. Coming Soon. We highly recommend you join us now so you can "connect" early to get a head start.
Liquid Gloves ... Imagine a cream you put on your hands that becomes an instant glove. It lasts four hours and if you touch a surface, it kills bacteria INCLUDING COVID. FDA Registered (with an NDC Number) and Patented. Once applied, it's almost invisible. Another "Remarkable" product. Want in on the ground floor? Available Now!
The "Business Chamber Of Commerce" CREDIT UNION ... One of the world's most unique Credit Unions for Entrepreneurs and Networkers. Again, this gives you a first-mover advantage on all of its unique benefits and services (over ONE BILLION in assets). Coming Soon.
Giveaway Unlimited Free Chamber AAA+ Ratings ... Imagine giving away the AAA+ Chamber Rating to virtually any business. Better than the BBB. Free sources of capture pages provided. This can get-you-in-the-door with businesses and their employees for your products and services. It's the perfect lead generator if your marketing to businesses or business people. To give people their Rating, you'll just send them to a website where they fill out a simple form, then they'll have immediate access to their Rating permissions and downloadable Chamber Rating logos. Once you join the "Chamber Educational" Program, you'll have full access and license to giveaway the "Rating" Process. Available Now!
Just Added. Give Any Employee $16,000 Towards Medical Care FREE! ... Here's the "Remarkable" part. It costs the employer NOTHING and it costs the employee NOTHING. You can give this benefit to an unlimited amount of employees (even the self-employed). It's a new type of stimulus, and, you DO NOT have to change insurance carriers (it works with your present carrier). This benefit starts on January 1st, 2021. But here's the thing. As an employer, you'll want to join us now so that you can be one of the first people in line as there will be thousands wanting in come January. This way you can get a head start on the paperwork before the masses. If you're an insurance agent (captive or general), you'll love this program. Get in now so you can get your training done and be ready to go on January 1st.
Imagine Receiving All Of The Following FREE! ... The only real and complete graphic funnel builder, video hosting tool, membership websites and E-learning systems builder, unlimited email marketing (yes, we said unlimited email marketing), CRM and automation system, chatbot builder, site bot booking calendar, super checkout system with dozens of payment gateway Integrations, run your own affiliate program (1 tier or multi-tier), e-commerce checkout, auction checkout, magazine builder, mockup and image editor, video wrapper browser, notifications blog builder, chat builder, google and Adsense friendly builder, hundreds of video tutorials and a huge knowledge base, capture page builder, plus chat and ticket support for all features completely FREE! ... Furthermore, the system can let you build apps and webinars with its own platform, NOT Zoom or Go-To-Webinar and build business directories. All features can be used in over 90 countries. This benefit will be available Wednesday, October 14th, 2020.
18 New Services ... Yes! - You'll have full access and direct contact with all the providers. Click here to see the list. Coming Soon.
JOIN now to get that first-mover advantage and have access to everything, including direct sources for most the "Remarkable" products and services.
More to Come ...
Get Ultimate Access to The Chamber.
Price: $150 (annually).
First. Fill out the simple registration form. You'll also be asked for the name of the person or organization that invited you. 
You can pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account through Cash App. If you already have Cash App, just go to the app on your phone and enter $chamber123 to make your payment. Want information on how easy it is to set up a Cash App account if you don't have one? Click here.
Or, You Can Use The Alternate Processor Below.
The Chamber's History.
In 1999, we started as the Blue Diamond Business Chamber Of Commerce, located in Blue Diamond, Nevada. Once we discovered that the benefits and services of the Chamber could be used on a National basis, we shortened the name to the Business Chamber Of Commerce. In 2016 we became totally cloud-based "disruptive" and "decentralized," thereby making the Chamber experience more simple, efficient, and no red-tape.
Chairman - Leslie Robert Wolfe
League Of Remarkable People
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We Are a Non-Partisan Organization.
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