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Chamber AAA+ Rating For Your Business.
We Are "Disrupting" & "Decentralizing"
The Chamber Of Commerce. It's Amazing!
What is a Cloud-Based
Chamber Of Commerce?
We are the first decentralized, cloud-based Chamber of Commerce. We break down barriers such as no physical location needed (dramatically cutting our overhead expenses), No special qualifications to be a member, no manuals or CDs to clutter your office. No meetings to attend. No Financial Documents Required. No Learning Curve. No Bureaucracy. No Red Tape and Non-Political. Plus, you get a Chamber of Commerce AAA+ Rating for your business.
How Does The Chamber AAA+
Rating Help My Business?
It's a credentials tool. It's been proven for years that "credentialed" tools will get more sales conversions for your business. It also makes your customers feel warm-and-fuzzy about doing business with you. Your AAA+ Rating never fluctuates and is immediate. In regards to complaints (should you have any), we forward them to you and NOT the media, social networks or Google. In other words, we never tarnish your name. Your Chamber of Commerce Rating also works perfectly with any other "credentialed" tools such as the BBB (better business bureau), Yelp, Business Associations and of course, can be used to enhance your local Chamber Membership as well. You'll also get (included), the AAA+ Rating logos for your business. 
What Are Some of The
Other Benefits Included?
You'll get all types of benefits and services to help your business grow, save on operating expenses and build your business skill-set. Here's just some of the benefits: Free Discount Medical Benefits Program with no upfront or monthly fees. Use it yourself or for UNLIMITED employees (USA Only). Discounts from National Merchants. Free Payroll Services. How to Build Your Local Business Tool. How to Protect Your Ideas. 100% Barter Free Network (no fees) ... Plus lots more!
Membership Price: $297.
Currently, All Memberships
Are Owned By Licensees.
About Us (Our History)
In 1999, we started out as the Blue Diamond Business Chamber Of Commerce, located in Blue Diamond, Nevada. Once we discovered that the benefits and services of the Chamber could be used on a National basis, we shortened the name to the Business Chamber Of Commerce. In 2016 we became totally cloud-based "disruptive" and "decentralized," thereby making the Chamber experience more simple, efficient and no red-tape.
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